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A busy end to summer 🕶

It's hard to believe it's already September.

We've had a short summer. At least that is how it feels to me. Winter was long. Spring was loooooong. And summer lasts for only a couple weeks - or that's my perception anyway.

It also flies by when you're busy.

Some of the highlights were:

#1 - teaching a class at Two Rivers Art Gallery in Wenatchee, WA. I've done a class there previously and wanted to make sure that this one has some new things in case I had repeat students. We focused on landscapes for this one and it was great to see their enthusiasm.

#2 - plein art painting. This can get tricky.

What do you bring? Geez. It's going to be sunny...need a hat, water, need this, need that. Which pastels? When you have a lot of pastels, it's hard to only bring this many →→→→→→

This was at Lynch Creek Dahlia Farm. Incredible place.

#3 - did a demo painting for the Blackberry Festival. What do you paint at a blackberry festival? You guessed it, berries!

#4 - and lastly, putting up new pieces at Collective Visions Gallery in Bremerton! Whew. Time to go and paint some more!

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